Years of shoulder and knee pain gone immediately

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Thomas Steimel was formerly in the squad of the German national Alpine skiing team.

Thomas was and is an athlete through and through. His expertise not only includes downhill skiing, but also cross-country skiing and roller skiing in summer.
His injury history in the knee, shoulder and foot area is very long and extreme.
For the first time, Thomas treated me 2 years ago (2018) because of severe knee pain.

It was about pain that was so severe that normal walking was no longer possible. Climbing stairs was only possible step by step with readjustment.
Based on imaging diagnostics, the diagnosis was grade 4 osteoarthritis in the knee.
The next time you visit the clinic, the knee should be replaced with an artificial joint.

Then Thomas was with me for treatment…

Through the first treatment, Thomas had a full body change.
He only got 1 time !!! treated by MTME (Myofascial Taping according to Markus Erhard).

Many areas of his body were so balanced by the myofascial tension that his posture, gait and movements were extremely and immediately improved. He became pain free immediately.

This condition was also the case 2 years later when Thomas came to me again because of a shoulder pain from a fall. His knee got so good that he can even jog again!

Interview: Training with Markus Erhard

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Interview about training with Markus Erhard and about Myofascial Taping after Markus Erhard – MTME.

Painless and more pistol squats with MTME

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Each participant in the training is also a patient / client and sees and feels how you can become pain-free in a very short time (minutes) and the movement suddenly becomes easier, goes much further (ROM), more strength is there and is more controlled.

MTME (Myofascial Taping according to Markus Erhard) was able to treat and change the pattern of a course participant to such an extent that pistol squads were not only pain-free on the left and right, but with ease and with a lot more repetitions (several runs with 5 repetitions in a row; before could only perform 1 – 2).

Interview: 6 months after herniated disc immediately painless

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Interview with Judith Ammann, physiotherapist from St. Gallen.
She has already completed a large part of the MTME / Erhard therapy training and has been using MTME – Myofascial Taping according to Markus Erhard every day for several years.

At the end of 2018, Judith had a herniated disc.

In May 2019 she was back with me in training in Bühlertal. Despite various therapies, she still had severe pain and could only sit for a short time and then had to get up again and again.
On the second day of Level 3 of the training, we analyzed Judith using the MTME / Erhard therapy method to find out what her posture and movement pattern looked like.

In the end it was clear that it was 40 years of playing the violin. This pattern was very dominant, especially in the arms. This area was ultimately responsible for the fact that her pelvis was completely blocked on one side.

The taping of the arms after MTME meant that the blockage in the pelvis was immediately gone, the muscular tension in the back / pelvic area was immediately normal again, so the intervertebral discs were no longer compressed and they were immediately painless and flexible.

Hamstrings pain / injury

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Interview with Svetlana, a participant of the Perform Better Fascia Summit (Faszien Summit) Munich 2015 after Myofascial Taping according to and from Markus Erhard. Pain at the hamstrings taped away with 2 little stripes of flexotape without taping the hamstrings themselves. Her hamstring pain came from inflammation at the hamstrings due to overuse and had lasted for 4 weeks before taping even though she tried many different massage techniques.

Interview – back and knee pain

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Treatment example in the context of training. Condition before treatment: Back pain for about 20 years, herniated disc June 2018, pain due to meniscus and cartilage damage in the knee 2018.

Pain back:
– Standing: 5
– Walking: 3

Pain knee:
– Standing: 5
– Walking: 8

After treatment painless ! With loose and stable movements!

Fascia Summit Munich 2015 – Myofascial Taping

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Myofascial Taping – Live demo for shoulder pain. From pain 5-6 (0 = no pain, 10 = max pain) to pain free within stripes of tape.

Feedback from David Kranz (Participant)

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David Kranz was a participant of the Fascia Summit. Watch the video on his feeback on Myofascial Taping. Thank you David for this great feedback.