Training with Markus Erhard

Interview about training with Markus Erhard and about Myofascial Taping after Markus Erhard – MTME.

Hamstrings pain / injury

Interview with Svetlana, a participant of the Perform Better Fascia Summit (Faszien Summit) Munich 2015 after Myofascial Taping according to and from Markus Erhard. Pain at the hamstrings taped away with 2 little stripes of flexotape without taping the hamstrings themselves. Her hamstring pain came from inflammation at the hamstrings due to overuse and had lasted for 4 weeks before taping even though she tried many different massage techniques.

Patient interview – back and knee pain

Treatment example in the context of training. Condition before treatment: Back pain for about 20 years, herniated disc June 2018, pain due to meniscus and cartilage damage in the knee 2018.

Pain back:
– Standing: 5
– Walking: 3

Pain knee:
– Standing: 5
– Walking: 8

After treatment painless ! With loose and stable movements!

Fascia Summit Munich 2015 – Myofascial Taping

Myofascial Taping – Live demo for shoulder pain. From pain 5-6 (0 = no pain, 10 = max pain) to pain free within stripes of tape.

Feedback from David Kranz (Participant)

David Kranz was a participant of the Fascia Summit. Watch the video on his feeback on Myofascial Taping. Thank you David for this great feedback.