The originally planned lecture on deposits and why most deposits will be restrictive for the whole body will be postponed.

Since I have worked and worked a lot with athletes (football Bundesliga, English Premier League, Swiss Super League, as well as many national teams and other sports) I would like to introduce my method of working and method. After all, you can now get to know this in my practice in Bühlertal and possibly also in an on-site club.

The number of participants is limited! Therefore only by appointment by email or phone. The entrance fee is 5 €.

Please come in time (20 – 30 minutes before), because it has always taken longer in the “normal” lectures.

Take the chance: with each lecture a person wins a 2-hour treatment with complete analysis!

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Have a good, healthy and blessed New Year!

Markus Erhard and team


Once a month I will give talks in Bühlertal on various topics in the field of pain and clinical pictures.

In doing so, I will certainly introduce different perspectives, explanations and solutions than previously known.

The lectures should enlighten and present effective solutions.

The lectures are very valuable but free.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes each.

Location: The exact location within Bühlertal will be announced in good time.

Time: 19:00 – 20:30
(please come 20-30 minutes before if possible)

For whom: The lectures are exclusively for patients or affected persons.

Registration: Participation only possible with previous registration !!!

By email:

Telephone: 07223 – 957 72 70

Required data: name, first name, address, age, occupation,

Take the chance: At each lecture, a person wins a 2-hour treatment with complete analysis.