Markus Erhard

My name is Markus Erhard and I am specialized in pain therapy as well as treatments in elite sports for therapy and unprecedented performance.

Pain patients

In addition to the sporting part, the focus of my method is, above all, the treatment of patients who have been in pain for a very long time and have tried “everything” to get out of a life with pain. Many people only come to me after many consultations and countless visits to doctors and unsuccessful therapies.

This involves pain and problems with the musculoskeletal system of all kinds.

Regardless of whether it is pain from osteoarthritis, lumbar spine syndrome, tennis elbow, hallux valgus, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, after a slipped disc, etc. – wherever and whatever I have been using my method in pain therapy for over 15 years, as causally as possible possible.


I work regularly and passionately with athletes in elite sports who want to get back on the field quickly after injuries and achieve unprecedented performance

I work primarily with the best athletes and teams in top European sport; including players from 16 teams in the English Premier League, the 1st Bundesliga, and over 30 national teams from over 25 countries. Including players among the best! German, English, Italian and French football teams, handball teams and rugby teams.

My method has new approaches, ways of thinking, strategies and I see and treat new connections with the aim of achieving freedom from pain and free movement patterns.

WITHOUT MEDICATION! From top athletes to pain patients.


I’ll take enough time for you. It takes enough time to find out complex connections and the real causes of pain in the body.

My patients often come from far away – all over Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, England, Holland, Luxembourg, Dubai, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Greece, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine , Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Australia Mexico. Uruguay

If you have a long journey, I recommend staying overnight so that you can have another treatment the next day. in order to be able to work out more, to learn certain movement exercises or, if necessary, to be able to follow up or continue treatment.

The Markus Erhard Academy has moved

The courses and training have moved and can now be found at

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Clubs and athletes who are treated by Markus Erhard.

Uwe Vetter (head physio) and Lars Voßler (assistant manager), SC Freiburg

Emanuel Adebayor, Manchester City FC

Pascal Groß, FC Ingolstadt

1. FSV Mainz 05

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