Markus Erhard

Healer & Sport Scientist

Markus Erhard has invented the Myofascial Taping method in 2006. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Science and a State Exam degree in Sports Science and English Language and Literature. He is the founder and director of the Physio Training Academy that specializes in myofascial therapies and co-founder of flexotape® – MyofascialTape®. Markus and his team have run over 500 Myofascial Taping courses for physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, medical doctors, trainers, sport scientist etc. from all over the world. Our certified practitioners include therapists and medical doctors at the health sector and English Premier Football & Rugby clubs, over 30 UK national teams and many other therapists from NHS to elite sports and national teams.

Markus specializes in development and teaching, above all the Myofascial Taping that has become a revolutionary method for revolutionary pain relief of acute and chronic myofascial pain syndromes and for enhanced sporting performance. Markus invests a lot of time for myofascial taping research – supervising many studies and research projects (including doing his PHD in physiotherapy).

Markus and his team have been invited to many Premier League football and
rugby teams, teaching Myofascial Taping and working on „problem“ players. Markus also has run many courses for National Sport Institutes and practitioners, including therapists at the health sector and over 30 UK national teams. At the end of the page are some of them.


  • Invented the Myofascial Taping Method in 2006
  • Director Physio Training Academy
  • Sport science
  • Lectures physiotherapy and lectured osteopathy
  • Lecturer at over 30 universities worldwide
  • Teaches therapists from many elite sport clubs
    and national teams
  • Teacher for manual therapy and sport osteopathy
  • Developer of Myofascial Therapy Concepts
  • Keynote speaker to therapy exhibitions
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Manchester City FC

13. May 2020

Aston Villa FC

13. May 2020

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

13. May 2020

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